Who are we?

Launched in 2010, Hachette Antoine Education has ever since devoted its know-how and expertise to publishing schoolbooks of international renown, covering a wide range of subjects from Kindergarten to Grade 12. These various publications made their mark in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) where they have set the standards and met the growing demand in an educational sector in the rise.


Hachette Antoine is a joint venture between international publishing leader Hachette Livre of France and reputed Librairie Antoine of Lebanon (founded in 1933). Based in Lebanon, Hachette Antoine has been catering primarily for the Levant, Gulf, and North Africa. It has published, since it was formed in 2010, an array of books (including Disney, being the brand’s key licensee and publisher in the Middle East), under its 4 trade imprints: HA Reference, HA Kids, HA Lifestyle and Naufal assigned to Arabic literature. Hachette Antoine has also dedicated a fifth imprint, HA Education, building up a rich catalog of academic publications, schoolbooks and extracurricular manuals, in Arabic, English and French.


Hachette Antoine Education is the perpetuation of a long and committed legacy within the realm of education and schools. One of its mission’s key objectives is reflected in its efforts to develop learners’ skills, and foster their critical thinking in an emerging intellectual world.


Hachette Antoine Education brings together the integrated skills and proficiency of educators, writers, editors, proofreaders, artists, administrators and many other seasoned professionals. These experts who remarkably contributed in shaping the educational sector in the region allowed Hachette Antoine to make its mark and strive to become the leading educational publisher in the Arab world.