Picaro – Niveau 4

A Teacher’s Guide that contains curriculum maps, guidance and fun phonics practice activities.

Picaro – Niveau 4

An audio CD (books 7 and 8) including recordings for listening and speaking.

Let’s Math 4

A yearlong math practice workbook series containing keywords in both English and Arabic, Let’s Math progressively builds up learners’ knowledge and trains them in problem solving and independent work through fun and challenging exercises and problems that reinforce the knowledge they gain in the classroom. Each level has its own downloadable answer key.

يا هلا! خطواتي الأولى (المستوى الرابع)

Ya Hala! My First Steps is a textbook series teaching Arabic to non-native speakers at primary school level. The series aims to help beginner learners acquire basic linguistic skills in Arabic: oral communication, reading comprehension, and writing. Through the topics used in the books, students can first learn how to use common words and expressions …

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