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About The Title

My KQuest is a new two-level English kindergarten curriculum designed for children in the MENA region. The theme-based curriculum integrates all skill areas into an all-in-one program that allows children to transfer learning from subject to subject in a smooth and meaningful manner. It includes characters and names that children can relate to and identify with through the illustrations and integrated stories. The Student Book and Student Workbook include captivating illustrations that aim to attract the children’s attention. The program also includes real-life photographs to create discussions around important topics and areas of learning that build a connection between the children and the real world.

This diverse program promotes inclusion, celebrates diversity, encourages children to look at their role in the community at large, and places an importance on the development of 21st century skills. With the use of a Student Book and Student Workbook, children have ample opportunities to practice and develop their skills in the areas of Language, Math, Science, Art, Character Education, and more.

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